fullsizerenderHi, I’m Brie! If you’re reading this, I’m so glad you’re here! I started this “blog” just before the birth of my second daughter as a creative outlet, a place to hone my writing skills and share my ideas for practical and happy homekeeping…

…or so I thought.

After a few months of writing, I noticed myself becoming less and less excited to hop into this little creation of mine and share my thoughts. That’s when I started to realize that…


No, seriously. I despise it. The mere term “blog” makes me cringe.

For one, so many blogs these days seem to be selling you something.

I admit that, against my better judgment, I tried it. In more of a “What the heck have I got to lose, maybe it will make me a few extra bucks and we’re on one income,” kinda way than a “Wow, I bet I can legitimately make an income off of blogging!”, cue the sad violins, sort of way.

I signed up for Google Adsense and Amazon Associates and yada, yada, yada…it was a colossal waste of my time and energy (thank you very much, Google, for the ninety-five cents I earned from ad clicks that I can’t actually obtain from you until it has inflated to one hundred dollars).

I’m sure we can all agree now that trying to sell stuff is not my jam.

The truth is that I was writing about and creating all the wrong things. Trying to blog the way “they say” you should and it took all the fun out of it for me.

So, while you may still see the occasional post from me about organizing my pantry, I’m just here to share a few of my thoughts and ideas wih anybody who wants to read about them. Because, really, I just want to write. It’s that simple. Shouldn’t everything be?