Changing course.

It sounds so simple, and yet change does not come easily for many of us. In light of the kinds of things that have been happening in the world of late, writing about what I made for dinner or how I organize my files and other such nonsense just seems trivial.

I want to change course. I want the world to change course. I want this space to be a testament to my two daughters about the kind of person I am, the kind of person I want to be, and the kind of people I believe with my whole heart that they already are now and will continue to become. I want to write about things that, in the grand scheme of life, really  mean something. I want to write about things that inspire goodness and light and love.

So, a change of course. Because I, like the world, need one. Maybe you, dear reader, need one too. Our society is hurting, and it only seems to be getting worse.

Think about it.

We must change the course, and it starts with one step. One step toward making this world a brighter place. One step to choose to live in the here and now. Whatever that means for each of us, we can change the course by living better, thinking better, being better.

Today I choose to do that by working toward ending the slow drowning of myself inside my smart phone, social media and the infinite perils of the internet.

To stop burying myself in distraction while the sheer fabric of our real-life society gets eaten away more and more each minute.

To do the things that replenish me, that heal me, that fulfill me.

To live my real life, the only one I will ever have, the one that can’t be captured in an image or a status update, or pinned onto a virtual board.

I choose to speak out, to implore others to do the same for the sake of humanity. Real humanity. Humanity that stands in the face of hate and cries, “Love one another!” Humanity that loves, really loves, with the kind of emotion that doesn’t involve tapping a thumbs up or a heart button.

We can change the course.

If I continue to sit in silence perched safely upon my couch…

…i. change. nothing.

We can change the course.

I’m starting by changing mine.

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