CAR HAND VACUUM: A Practical Little Thing


Do you let your kids snack on the road? We allow Alice to eat crackers and certain other foods in her car seat, which prevents her from intermittently and loudly complaining to be released from her cushioned prison. You know those people who have children who are regularly lulled to sleep by rides in the car? We are not those people.

The downside to allowing car snacking, you may agree, is that the seat and floor get hammered by stray crumbs. By the time a long car ride is over I can literally pull out handfuls of goldfish crackers from the various nooks and crannies in the car seat.

Here’s what the seat looks like after a short outing (and there are even more crackers you can’t see here that are stuffed behind the belts):


The solution? I bought a hand vac. To keep in the car. My husband looked at me like I had officially gone off the deep end when I came home and announced I had bought a Dirt Devil exclusively for vacuuming up car seat crumbs…and then he used it…and let’s just say someone is singing a different tune.

Because now all we have to do is quickly grab that bad boy from the basket under Alice’s feet and it takes fifteen seconds or less to suck up all the trace pieces left behind. Which means no more picking out small fistfuls of crumbs and having to carry them to the garbage before putting her in the car (i.e. no more shoving crackers into the door pocket until a later, undesignated time).

Here’s what the seat looks like after a speedy vacuum:


But listen, as handy as it is, this little vac isn’t going to do a thing for the sticky clumps of fruit snacks stuck to the back of your toddler’s head or the pint of juice that got spilled on his lap. I only say this from experience.

It also won’t do anything in the way of detailing your vehicle. It has enough power to devour those crumbs, and that’s about the best you’re going to get from it. But to have a quick and easy way to get all the Cheerios out of the car seat and off your floor mats so you can pass it off to your mother-in-law without turning twelve shades of red, I’d say it’s a purchase well worth $25.00.

FYI I’m not being endorsed to sell this product, so rest assured that this is simply my honest review of a helpful and inexpensive little gadget that I now can’t imagine living without!

Ciao, babe!


Interested in the hand vacuum used in this post? Find it here.

Dirt Devil Quick Flip Hand Vacuum


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