If you had a chance to read my previous post about our toddler’s bedroom, you may remember that my sweet little girl had developed a habit of sleeping in her Ikea Circus Tent instead of her bed. We’ve made many a joke about how she’ll probably turn into a forty-year-old, unmarried woman who still sleeps in a tent on her floor. But, really, as long as she has been sleeping through the night we haven’t been too concerned about location!

Recently, however, we started to have some problems with the tent-sleeping. For one thing, she was waking us up once or twice in a night to be recovered with her blanket. We knew we had to help her to start sleeping in her bed, but HOW?

Ikea for another win! On a recent trip to our Seattle store, my Mom and Alice discovered this bed tent in green. “It just might work to get her off the floor…” we said. Turns out we were right.

We were happy to discover that they sell the same bed tent online in pink, which was a much better match for her bedroom. It took about five minutes to put the tent together and slide it onto the bed, and one month later she’s still sleeping in her bed nightly. I swear she is better rested, and she’s finally sleeping through the night again.

If you’re transitioning your toddler to a twin bed I would highly recommend investing in one of these.  They’re relatively inexpensive, and what kid wouldn’t feel enticed to sleep under a tent?

Ciao, babe!


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