We’ve been painting the interior of our house a creamy white (Swiss Coffee from Behr), and as each room in the house is completed and reassembled I’ve been taking the opportunity to do a few small decor updates.

I like to change up the gallery walls in our house from time to time anyway, but the refreshed paint in our media room was almost begging me to do a small makeover on the picture ledges shown above.

The best part? Other than using up some of my paper stock and printer ink this little update didn’t cost me a dime!

My little slice of inspiration came from this image I found from Lowe’s:


If you’re on a budget and considering doing something similar in your own home you can easily piece together a gallery wall like mine for well under one hundred dollars.

The picture ledges are regularly $14.99 at Ikea (on sale right now for $9.99!), and most of the frames I purchased are budget buys from Ikea and The Dollar Store! You can get some surprisingly nice-looking frames from The Dollar Store, by the way, and since they’re only a buck a piece you don’t have to grieve too much when your two-year-old decides it would be fun to rip the stands off the back of some of them. Oh, toddlerhood.

As far as artwork goes, I rarely spend much money on that either. The art in this gallery update consists of:

  • Family photos
  • Art we already had in our home
  • Free printable wall art found online
  • Fabric scraps
  • DIY metallic permanent marker art

It’s as simple as that! Stay tuned for more décor updates to come.

Ciao, babe!



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