Hospital Bag2Suddenly I find myself just two weeks shy of my due date. When did this happen? I felt way more prepared the first time around. Must be a case of second-time mom syndrome!

It occurred to me that I should probably start packing my hospital bag so it’s ready to go whenever this second little lady of ours decides to make her appearance. I brought everything but the kitchen sink the first time around and didn’t end up using over half of it…and then I had to think about UNPACKING it all while having just brought a newborn home. Not the ideal.

In my experience, and from talking to other seasoned mamas out there, there are only a handful of items you should consider packing for yourself, the baby, and your partner.

So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve packed for this go-round. I hope this helps any of you expectant moms out there to liberate yourselves from over-packing like I did with our first kiddo! Taking as close to a minimalist route as you can stand and putting all your energy into that little bundle of joy you’re going to be receiving will be worth it.


1. ROBE – something for covering up when visitors come and for keeping warm.

2. LOOSE-FITTING TOPS – for nursing and comfort.

3. SWEATS – nothing tight.

4. NIGHTGOWN – to get out of the hospital gown after delivery.

5. BLACK BOYSHORT UNDIES – in case the hospital throwaways don’t cut it.

6. NURSING SLEEP BRAS – something comfortable if you plan on nursing.

7. SHOWER SHOES – in case the hospital shower is questionable.

8. WARM SOCKS – hospitals are cold!

9. SLIPPERS – rubber soles are best for walking around the hospital.

10. GOING HOME OUTFIT  – something to feel more human when going home.

Denim Jacket | Black Tee | White Converse | Maternity Leggings


11. SWEATSHIRT/TEE/SHORTS or SWEATS – for sleep and lounge.

14. BEANIE – again, the hospital might be cold!

15. SOCKS & UNDERWEAR – just two or three pairs.

16. CHANGE OF CLOTHES – for going home.

Tan Thermal Shirt | Jeans


17. MITTENS – in case baby is a face-scratcher.

18. SWADDLEPODS  – because they’re easier than a swaddle blanket.

19. HATS  – you may want a different hat than the hospital hat for photos.

20. SLEEPERS – just two or three for going home outfit and photos.

21. BLANKET – for bundling baby up when going home.


18. LIP BALM – because hospitals are dry.

19. FACIAL CLEANSING WIPES – to make face washing fast.

20. TABLE MIRROR  – so you can sit down in bed while putting on makeup.

21. TRAVEL TOILETRIES & CASE/MAKEUP BAG – just the essentials.

22. DRY SHAMPOO – in case hair-washing is too difficult.

23. BOBBY PINS & HAIR ELASTICS – to keep hair off baby’s face.


25. DIGITAL CAMERA & CHARGER – make sure you take lots of photos!

26. PHONE CHARGER – don’t forget this!

27. BLUETOOTH SPEAKER – to listen to music during labor.


28. INSURANCE CARDS & DRIVER’S LICENSE – the hospital may ask.

30. SMALL AMOUNT OF CASH – for vending machines, etc.



32. HEALTHY, NON-PERISHABLE SNACKS – to avoid gross hospital food!

33. GLASSES, IF NEEDED – your eyes may be really tired from lack of sleep.

34. GIFT FOR BIG SISTER/BROTHER, IF APPLICABLE – to include other kids.

35. CAR SEAT – for obvious reasons.

Remember, less really is more! You could easily go without many of the items I’ll be bringing. There are many articles out there on what to bring and why, so I’ll spare you any detailed explanations.

One last piece of advice: if you truly want to know what to pack you should contact your hospital. They’ll let you know what’s absolutely essential. Take that to heart and keep in mind you’ll probably only be away from home for a day or two tops.

…and now we wait!

Ciao, babe!




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