pennants2.JPGWith Valentine’s Day right around the corner I wanted to come up with a fun craft that Alice and I could do together, something that would make for a sweet and memorable gift for family members.

I happened to have some leftover felt from her birthday along with some other materials I had used to make pennants for the party. I decided we could recycle that project to make Valentine’s pennants to put in a vase filled with candy or a nice house plant!


Once I had made a quick template and cut out a selection of felt pieces in various colors, I asked Alice to lay out designs of her choice on each pennant. I found this to be a totally toddler-friendly activity. She loved choosing her colors and placing all the felt pieces right where she wanted them to go. Mama just had to try REAL hard to back off and not micromanage too much!


Then I hot glued everything just how she wanted it and, snap! Valentine’s pennants finished! Okay, so I had to do a few myself…just for fun.


There are a lot of variations on these pennants you could create. A banner, for example, or plant stakes like this one:

plant stake 2.JPG

You can find the template and directions below.

Time: 45 min.-1 hour


How to make a pennant:

  1. Print out template on card stock paper. Cut out each design piece.
  2. Use t-pins to secure templates to felt. Cut out pieces in a variety of colors.
  3. Arrange pennant pieces as desired and use a hot glue gun to secure.
  4. Use hot glue gun to attach a wood dowel to the completed pennant.

…and that’s it! Happy Love Day to all.

Ciao, babe!


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