COMMAND CENTER: A Practical Little Thing

close up.JPGI recently revamped our command center, and WOW what a difference this little organizational system has made in our day to day lives! Before, if our piles of mail and paperwork didn’t end up spread out all over the kitchen counters they got thrown into one of two not-so-organized baskets on a side table that caused too many head bumps for little visitors. On top of that bills were missed, important forms forgotten about, and mail ignored. I knew we had to get a better system going.

So, my only major Christmas wish was for components from the Pottery Barn Daily Wall System. Best request ever. Here’s the lowdown on our new organizational life saver.full3.JPG


I’m starting with this particular component because it’s the meat and potatoes of the whole thing! We now have a designated space for all incoming mail along with four additional hanging letter bins for sorting paperwork as follows:

Bills: all unpaid bills go into this bin. Once paid, the statements are either moved to the “file” or “shred” bin.

Act: anything other than bills that needs to be addressed goes here, like forms to fill out or coupons we plan to use.

File: the few things we want to file away go here.

Shred: as we go through the mail or pay bills, all papers that we want to shred go into this bin until we can actually get around to shredding them.



We now keep a calendar for meal planning along with our grocery list in our command center. My mom found this amazing weekly wall calendar that is perfect for this purpose! It even has a built-in grocery list…and it’s perforated, so we can just rip it off when we’re headed to the store.


*We chose not to put a monthly calendar in the command center. Instead, we keep one on the fridge. Since we look at the fridge so often there’s less chance we’ll forget important events and appointments.


The pin boards get used for displaying Alice’s artwork, family pictures, invitations to parties and so forth.pinboards.JPG


Finally, the two chalkboards! I love chalkboard art. It must be the teacher in me. The smaller chalkboard is for my personal use and the bigger chalkboard is all for Alice. Now she has a spot for magnet play AND chalkboard art, and the magnets stay out of the way and off the fridge in the kitchen–it’s a win-win situation!



Since we put this beauty up we have had a MUCH easier time staying on top of bills and all the other assorted papers…and we don’t have paperwork spread all over the countertops anymore…which makes me want to cook and bake more…which is an added bonus for everyone!

That’s all for now! I’m going to go have a cup of tea and relax. All the bills are paid, paperwork is filed and shredded–goodnight, command center.

Ciao, babe!


Want to know which components of the Daily System we used in our command center? Here you go!

Multi-Use Entry

Build Your Own - Daily System Components - Creamy White


Build Your Own - Daily System Components - Creamy White

2 Letter Bins

Build Your Own - Daily System Components - Creamy White


Build Your Own - Daily System Components - Creamy White


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