KEEPING IT CLEAN Part II: Daily Habits

Unloading dishwasher 4.JPGIn my last post I shared my cleaning schedule and explained how I use it to help me stay on track with housework. Having this schedule makes a huge difference in my productivity at home.

But since simple life enjoyment takes precedence over chores, there are definitely plenty of weeks where a few things here and there get dropped off my to-do list. Still, I want my house to stay clean enough that I won’t have to work too hard playing catch up when I’ve fallen a little behind.

The Essential Daily Habits

That’s why I have developed daily habits that are essential to me and typically very achievable. They are listed under “Daily Chores” (excluding the weekly chore) on my cleaning schedule. If I do nothing else chore-wise in a day, I aim to do these six simple tasks.

Each Morning

1. Start a load of laundry

I try to have one load of laundry ready to go in a basket for when I wake up in the morning. That way I can just throw it in the wash as soon as I get up. Then I aim to transfer it to the dryer sometime before the evening begins so I can hopefully fold it (and maybe even put it away!) before I go to bed.Laundry 2.JPG2. Unload the dishwasher

We make a point of unloading the dishwasher each morning, usually while Alice finishes eating breakfast. Emptying the dishwasher right away prevents our sink from getting filled to the brim (on a good day) and makes it much easier to clean the kitchen at the end of the night.Unloading dishwasher.JPG3. Make the beds

It’s my goal to make the beds every morning, though I have to admit I drop the ball on this one more than I’d like. We’re working on it! Whatever the case, something about crisp bed sheets just makes the house feel ten times cleaner.  Make beds 3.JPGEach Evening

1. “Clean Sweep”

We spend about ten minutes every night after the kiddo goes to bed on what I call “the sweep,” which is really just moving from room to room picking up anything and everything that’s out of place. Sometimes I even set a timer if I need the motivation! It’s one of the smallest tasks that makes the biggest difference.Sweep.JPG2. Clean the kitchen

Once we’ve decluttered, it’s on to kitchen cleaning! We clean up from dinner and load the dishwasher, and the garbage and recycling get taken out. A quick wipe down of all surfaces, and voila! A sparkling clean kitchen.Clean kitchen 2.JPG3. Run the dishwasher

We run the dishwasher every night so it can be quickly unloaded in the morning to allow for newly dirtied dishes to find a home other than the kitchen sink!Load dishwasher.JPG…and that’s it! Pretty achievable, and now that I have made these daily habits standard I have found they have become easier and easier to accomplish. While I might not always get around to dusting the furniture, I know that if I can keep up with my daily chores our home will still stay clean enough. What are your daily habits for cleaning?

Until next time!

Ciao, babe!


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