We are excited (and a little apprehensive, let’s be honest!) to be getting ready to welcome yet another little lady into our world. The third trimester has finally hit, and the nesting instincts are in full swing! I’ve been hard at work prepping the nursery and I can’t wait to share it with you very soon!

That being said, all this planning and shopping for nursery décor has sent me straight to reminiscing about the days when I was doing the same kind of planning and shopping while we waited for a baby Alice to arrive.

That was just two short years ago, and I can’t believe how much her bedroom has transformed since then! Her new “big girl” room truly reflects her growing personality from the Cinderella artwork on the wall to the Ikea circus tent* in the corner.

*On a small side note, she camps out in this tent every day and night, people. I’m dead serious. But, after all, what self-respecting toddler wouldn’t trade sleeping in a plain old bed for the whimsical comforts of a colorful circus tent?

Alice and I have had tons of fun changing up her room now that she is an official kid (with quite the opinion, I might add). She picked her own sheets and is even responsible for letting us know where she wanted some of the furniture to go (i.e. the circus tent)!

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into one of my favorite rooms in our house!


…and here it is. The famed circus tent. Right next to the not-so-plain ol’ bed with the cheerful sheets that rarely have to be changed due to lack of use. We figure she’ll sleep in them someday. Or, she’ll be a thirty-two year old woman having to explain to her guests for the umpteenth thousandth time why she does, in fact, have a circus tent and a sleeping bag in her bedroom instead of an actual bed. Sigh.


Love this plush giraffe!



Well, there you have it.  There are definitely a few things here and there I’d love to change eventually, but overall I’d say it’s not too entirely shabby for my first crack at designing a happy little girl’s room. Most importantly, Alice loves it! What do you think?



1. Gold Stripe Pillow / 2. Nursery Projector & Sound Machine / 3. Pom-Pom Garland / 4. Jumbo Giraffe Plush / 5. Flushmount Chandelier / 6. Shag Rug / 7. Magical Unicorn Nightlight / 8. Berry Brights Sheet Set / 9. Gold Pouf / 10. Dog Wall Art / 11. Circus Tent




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